COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


We will designate this page to keep you updated with changes that may occur as we begin our journey
together through this pandemic. We will keep adding information as it becomes availabe to us.

Give us a few days to work out details on how we can best contine to serve you and remain safe ourselves.

Below is our statement that is up on our Facebook page and we hope you will check
back often to get the latest information.

We ask for your continued support as we all venture through these trying times.

Please remember to keep up your envleopes or weshare contributions if you have chosen to stay home. Although we have closed the office, we still have staff to pay and progrmas that will be
back up and running when this is over.

Here is the first post on our response to the coronavirus...


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A Letter From Bishop Lucia
November 27th


In response to the preventive efforts recommended by the government and CDC

Please note: St. Paul’s Parish implemented our first plan on Friday in response to the preventive measures suggested by the CDC, due to the national and state emergency we now find ourselves in with the coronavirus. In instances such as this, we close when the public schools close. Therefore, our Day Care will be closed, along with the Whitesboro School District until April 14th in an effort to combat the spread of this virus and for the health and wellbeing of our parishioners, teachers, staff, children and parents. Also, there will be limited access into the school building for staff to pick up materials they will need to work from home, and others who will be cleaning and disinfecting the buildings. Most all parish and day care activities and events have been postponed or canceled until we can get through this trying time. This will take place beginning Sunday, March 15th. More information will follow as it is made available. We are following CDC and the Diocese of Syracuse suggestions throughout this process.
Let it be mentioned once again, that the Bishop has given dispensation on attending Sunday Mass for Catholics in our diocese. If you are not comfortable going out and being around people or a group, it is ok to stay home, until we have passed through this current situation.
If you are sick, please do not go out.
So, the church for Masses is not closed at this point, but you are given the option to stay at home if needed.
Our staff is working on ways to keep you UpToDate and informed of any changes that might occur through this process.
You can email the parish, and as usual call the office and we will try to assist you at a distance. We are focused on making this as painless as possible without overstressing anyone. This is a hectic time for everyone, let’s find ways to get through it positively. For our Facebook fans, search for the video of those in Italy who are locked in their homes at this point, who down a street where out on their apartment balconies all singing. A bad situation, but we as humans always rise to the occasion.
We hope to have an option on our WeShare online page for people who need Mass Cards, but until that time you can call the office or mail in your mass requests with a check.
We are sorry if this is an inconvenience for you. Our goal is to maintain a healthy and safe environment for our parish community and the community at large. We ask for your support during these intense times. Please pray for those who are sick or may become sick. Also pray for our advisors that they will make good choices for the wellbeing of all people.

God Bless and join in our efforts to keep people safe.


We have resumed weekend and weekday Masses. If you are not already registered to attend, please do so by calling the office, 315-736-1124, or emailing Annissa at

Confessions have resumed as well, face to face at the altar, with social distancing.

We have missed you and can't wait to celebrate being joined together in faith once again.

If you are not ready to return, because of the virus, the Bishop's dispensation from Masses remains, until further notice.

However, please remember to send in your weekly contributions or sign up for WeShare, our secure online giving service.

See you this weekend!



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